If you need assistance, please read our Frequently Asked Questions, if you nee further assistance please contact us at info@capricard.it

How can i buy the Capri Card?
Directly online, we will send you a digital card at your email and we will delivery the physical card at your accommodation.
If we cannot reach you easly, or the time will not be enough in order to meet you, please remember that the digital Capri Card is perfectly accepted like the physical one.

What is the price of the Capri Card?
The card price is € 15.00 one-off, is UNLIMITED, can be used ONLINE + OFFLINE, is for PERSONAL & FAMILY use, gives 15% (on online services), you will recieve a PHYSICAL CARD IN PVC + a DIGITAL CARD at your email.

How can I book a tour?
Bookings for all tours and services can be made directly online or with one of our partner. Just pick a day and proceed with the booking for a private or group excursion. Our staff will be happy to help you making the booking for you by email. Just contact us at info@capricard.it

How can i contact you?
If you need urgent assistance please contact us at our Customer Service Line +39 327 593 5929  from 8:00am to 8:00pm – also whatsapp.
If you do not have an urgent query please send us an email to info@capricard.it

Can i change my reservation?
Yes of course, as long as you contact us within the 24h prior your travel date or the date of the service. We will be happy to assist you and find the best solution to your needs.

Can i cancel my booking?
Our cancellation policy is 24h before the date of service. By the way the cancellation policy of each individual tour/excursions/service is clearly visible on the tour page.
If you have already paid for your tour/excursion/service we will provide a full refund as long as you contact us within our cancellation policy. In the case you buy the Club Meber Card and you do not use it, due to cancellations from us or bad weather conditions, we will partially refund you for the price paid, we normally keep payments commissions. Please contact us by email at info@capricard.it – or by phone calling +39 333 898 5652 from 8:00am to 8:00pm – also whatsapp. Please remember to have with you your booking reference number

What happen with bad weather conditions?
Our staff will get in touch with you by email or phone (this is one of the reason we ask for your contact number), or they will leave a message at your accommodation.
If bad weather conditions will not let you take part to the excursion, we will offer you to change date or service, if any of these two option will not suit your needs, we will provide a full refund.
Please bear in mind we can decide to cancel the boat tour due to bad weather or sea conditions for your own safety.

What is the maximum number of participants on your group boat tours?
The standard number for small group boat tours is 12 pax on board – on some bigger boats the number can go up to 100 pax, depending on the type of tour and the type of supplier. By the way the number of participants is clearly indicated on the page of each tour.

How can i pay for my tour?
For booking made directly online or by SumUp Payment Link, we accept: paypal circuit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Please consider that you will not be oblige to have a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card, there is an option during the payment process, that will let you choose to pay directly by credit card without having to register and open a new PayPal account itself.
For booking made directly with your hotel/accommodation, the person in charge at reception desk, will give you all the informations you need. Normally we accept payments by cash directly at the receptionist. In case you are in a private house/villa please contact us we will send one of our staff in order to assist you and place the booking ( you will be notify in advance with the name of the person in charge and the time & date of the appointment).

Should I pay my excursions/tours/services in advance?
Yes. All excursions/tours/services available on our website needs to be paid in advance.
We also have partners that are only listed on our interactive map, but cannot be booked directly online, they will offer you a discount if you are a Capri Card holder, you only need to visit them and show them the card (in a digital or a physical way), our partner can be paid directly onsite.

Do you offer reduced rates for children?
We don’t have currently discounts for children.

Do you offer reduced rates for students or seniors?
We don’t have currently discounts for students or seniors.

Do you cater to wheelchair or guests with impaired mobility?
Unfortunately we cannot accomodate wheelchairs or guests with impaired mobility on most of our excursions/tours.

Can I bring suitcases with me?
You can bring suitcases with you only if strictly necessary.
Please contact us: info@capricard.it

How do I know where to meet you for my tour?
Once the booking is confirmed on the website, you will receive a voucher with the meeting time and place.

What time should I arrive at the meeting point?
We suggest you arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Do I need to bring my confirmation voucher with me?
You need to bring your voucher with you. You can either print it out, or show it at check-in directly from your phone or tablet.

What safety measures have you taken with regards to Covid-19?

Prevention and safety measures for Covid-19:
Prevention and safety measures for customers:
Mask: it is mandatory for customers to wear the mask.
Hand cleaning: customers are asked to use the hand sanitizer available before and during the tour.
Temperature check: people with fever (≧ 37.5 ℃) can not participate.
Social distancing: customers are asked to maintain a distance between the other passengers and the skipper.

Prevention and safety measures for staff:
Mask: it is mandatory for all staff members to wear masks.
Hand cleaning
: all staff members are asked to wash hands regularly and to use the hand sanitizer available in all working places.
Temperature check and medical check up: it is mandatory for all staff members to stay home in the presence of fever (≧ 37.5 ℃) or other flu symptoms and to inform their family doctor and the health authority.

Operations safety regulations:
Online reservations and payments: customers are encouraged to book online or on the phone.
Cleaning of the venues: all working environments, cars and boats will be sanitized each 24 hours.
Signage and posters: customers will find signage and posters to communicate safe distancing and health measures.
Record keeping: a record will be kept for each activity in order to facilitate contact tracing in case of Covid-19.

After the tour I would like to leave my feedback. How do I do this?
We much appreciate our guests feedback. For this reason you are kindly requested to leave your email address. On our thank you note you will find the feedback website area. Just click on the link and leave your experience feedback.